Tampon Tuesday

January 11, 2022


Tampon Tuesday 2022

Please read the letter below from our President, Jessica Montgomery, and use the following tools to support your efforts to collect menstrual products for those in our community in need…

SDLC’s product drive with ETFO: Please drop off your donation of menstrual products at the locations found on this poster

Various images to use while promoting our efforts, click here for a poster of Maxi Mardi and here for a Tampon Tuesday poster of menstrual cups. Here are some sample social media posts to use alongside those images. 

If your Union/Local would like to do your own Tampon Tuesday drive for menstrual products, here are the English and French fillable PDF posters. Please contact us at sdlc@persona.ca if you do run your own drive, which is encouraged – we are asking you contact us as we are doing this as a SDLC collective and would like to account for our hard work as a labour community. 

Thank you for your participation and supporting our community!

In Solidarity,

Sudbury & District Labour Council

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