March 3, 2021

Laurentian University is in critical condition and its demise threatens the economic, cultural, and social life of Sudbury and Northeastern Ontario. The ripple effects could be devastating to the city.Support from the Sudbury community is essential to preserve the programs and jobs at Laurentian that are so important to Sudbury and the north.

We are a group of people working on a fightback campaign called “Save Our Sudbury”. We hope to put community pressure on the university and provincial government to save our city, our region, and our students — by saving the university.

Actions & Resources:

Letter Writing Campaign

Our next organizing meeting is Tuesday, March 10th at 6:30 pm. Here is the zoom link:

Congratulations on a fantastic townhall this week! 500 people attended to stand in solidarity with the folks at Laurentian and Sudbury. Let’s build on this momentum!

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Sudbury Catholic District School Board’s letter 03-4-21

Mayor Bigger’s Laurentian letter 03-21

MCU letter Special Advisor 03-21

Because of your work, the Sudbury and French River City Councils are sending letters of concern to the province and asking for funding for Laurentian! Read more here.

CanadaLand Podcast: WAG THE DOUG #25 Canary In The Nickel Mine: Laurentian Goes Bust

This background paper (and the tables) will give more details and policy proposals about the Laurentian crisis as it affects the North and Arts programs.

Enrollment Crisis

Enrollment Crisis Tables

If you would like further information, or want to get more involved, please email: 

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