Affiliate to the Labour Council

The Sudbury and District Labour Council (SDLC) is made up of local unions, which are part of unions, and organizations affiliated to the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and which are situated in the area known as the City of Greater Sudbury and surrounding areas as determined from time-to time by the CLC

The SDLC supports the principles and policies of the CLC, promotes the interests of the affiliates of the SDLC, and advances the economic and social welfare of workers and their families.

The SDLC is governed by the  SDLC Bylaws.

Membership dues for all organizations shall be $0.25 per member per month, or $3.00 per member per year.

SDLC dues shall be paid upon the full paid up membership of each organization

A Dues Remittance Form, which includes a statement of the number of their members in good standing, the name of each delegate, the phone and other relevant information, should be sent to the SDLC Treasurer with each dues payment to the SDLC.


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